Hamlet – Affirmations after Shakespeare and others (in the role of Ophelia), Compagnie

de la Yole, directed by Pascale Oyer, Paris. November 2009. New production March 2011.

Additionally to acting: own composition of vocal music.


menschen! formen! Project with professional actors and people with special needs.

Coproduktion HORA Theater Zürich and Sommerblut Festival Cologne, Directed by Michael

Elber. Performances: FWT Cologne, Shakespeare Company Bremen, Zurich and others. 2010

– Germania Song by SIGNA, Centraltheater (Municipal Theatre) Leipzig, September 2009.

Directed by Signa Sørensen.


Kurz nachdem ich tot war, Matthaei & Konsorten. Festival ECHT! Politik im freien Theater.

Directed by Lukas Matthaei. Cologne, November 2008.

Winner of Cologne Theatre Prize 2009 – Kurt Hackenberg Prize for the best political theatre.


– The Complex North Method, Nonstop-Performance-Installation by SIGNA, Steirischer Herbst Graz,

Oktober 2008. Directed by Signa Sørensen.


Die Erscheinungen der Martha Rubin/ The Rubytown Oracle, Nonstop-Performance-Installation by

SIGNA, Schauspiel Köln, October 2007.

(Additionally to acting: own composition of vocal music and transmission to the ensemble)

At the Berliner Theatertreffen 08 (May 2008). Directed by Signa Sørensen.


The Circle Camp, Nonstop-Performance-Installation by SIGNA, Metropolis Festival Copenhagen,

2007. (Additionally to acting: own composition of vocal music and transmission to the ensemble).

Directed by Signa Sørensen.


ExecutiongroundHingerichtet sind alle Augen auf… André Jolles, C.-D. Geissler. Music: Caspar

Brötzmann. Orangerie Cologne, Festival NovArt Bordeaux, Kunsthaus Rhenania, 2006-2007.


– Supermarkt – Performance in a supermarket conceived for 13th International Schillertage,

Mannheim 2005 and repeated in different cities.


Qu’est-ce qu’il reste, creation inspired by Les Prophéties du Chilam Balam (ancient and

sacred Maya texts, translated and presented by J.M.G. Le Clézio), Compagnie de la Yole.

Directed by Pascale Oyer. 2004 and 2006.

With Roma Theater Pralipe in the Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim/Ruhr (directed by Roberto Ciulli), Germany. Productions played in Romanès. Directed by Rahim Burhan.                                                     – Mother Courage by Brecht, 2001.                                                                                                                                             – Carmen after Mérimée and Bizet, Roma Theater Pralipe, 2002.                                                                           – Khamoro, 2003.                                                                                                                                                               Tourings in Germany, Switzerland (EXPO), Croatia, Great Britain.

The Dybbuk (by An-Ski) Germany, Poland and Edinborough Fringe Festival 2001 in the role of Lea. Produced by Richard Demarco. Directed by Zofia Kalinska.                                                                Receiving 4 festival stars, nominated for ‚Fringe First‘.

Different performances in public spaces, short films, lectures, audio-productions.