Ilil Land-Boss has founded the theatre and performance company adloiada, with which she will realize projects with different artists in changing constellations. 

adloiada is a Hebrew expression for the costumed procession celebrated at Purim, a pendant to Carnival, which like the last bears a principal potential of socially subversive through the reversion of existing hierarchies.
adloiada literally signifies ‘until the not-knowing’ and describes an extra-daily state of inebriation or drunkenness until a confusion of the senses. For Ilil Land-Boss, this literal meaning touches a central goal of her artistic work, that is to formulate the unknown or not-knowing as an unattainable, but always aspired-for horizon.
In that, adloiada wishes to listen also to voices from modern science like astro- and quantum-physics, which integrate the unknown as a hard factor in calculations and give away the term of an objective reality and certainty – as scientifically irrelevant – for the sake of probabilities and possibilities.
The physical observation that the observer changes, by observing, that which he observes, and by this the proved impossibility to conceive of an objective external reality, implicate that cause and effect are no longer clearly to be distinguished from each other, a finding which revolutionized science and laid the base of modern physics.

For our artistic work, this approach contains questions about perception and the search for a ‘not-knowing’ of possible significations and an opening of the space of meanings.
It contains the curiosity to experience language as a material which can penetrate bodies, possess them and step out of them, without that the speakers necessarily have to ‘undersatnd’ this proces, but rather are astonished by the word spoken through their mouth.
The child – infans – is not only the being which like the marionette, following the etymological meaning, does not speak or, in any case, regards language as something alien. It is most notably a being which is not yet immersed into the universe of signs, or one to which the world makes signs without making sense. We want to try to keep the image of this child in front of us when go on our search.

We allow ourselves a bit of pathos saying we want to become a bit like the beings which Antonin Artaud wished for the theatre: „Condemned who are burnt and who are making signs to us down from their stake“.